Activate Matinee movie by looking/gazing at trigger in distance trough Linetrace for VR

I have asked this question in the VR section also but did not get any response, i tried to get information on the internet but it just did not cover what i need. I am stuck for days searching and trying to understand how to solve this.

I have the Linetrace setup, i can destroy an BP_mesh at a distance by only looking at it, so Linetrace works.


  • Linetrace reaches/hits BP_mesh over distance
  • BP_Mesh reconizing it is hit by the gaze and look of the Linetrace and activates Matinee Animation.

It’d be best to trigger the matinee from the level BP. Set up an event dispatcher on your BP_mesh actor, then call it like a normal function. Use a custom event in BP_mesh and call your event dispatcher from that event. On your line trace, like you would normally apply damage, you can cast to BP_mesh and call the function. Reference BP_mesh in the level BP, then drag the reference wire out into the grid, drop it, and type ‘Assign <event dispatcher>’. Get a reference to the Matinee, then off the event that was just created, play the matinee sequence.

Alternatively, if the BP_mesh should take damage normally, leave your set up the way it is. In the level BP, instead of referencing BP_mesh, you can add an event. Add ‘OnAnyDamage’ and off that play the matinee.

I have the next three setups, probably i do something very wrong here because it does not work yet, :slight_smile: the Bp’s are setup like this

1 First Person Character Blueprint
2 Streaming Level Blueprint
3 Mesh_BP (used as trigger when looked at with linetrace)




I did a quick (not for me) tutorial, but OBS didn’t record sound. Fantastic.

This is amazing, i have the animation up and running just like in your video! i will work on a picture tutorial tomorrow, also with Linetrace embedded. I think this trick is really powerfull in certain ways of storytelling in VR.

I did a quick (not for me) tutorial, but OBS didn’t record sound. Fantastic.[/QUOTE]

I have in my level Bleuprint one succesfull setup for a Bind Event to Trigger (the right one works, see image below)

Now i want to add another Bind Event to a mesh but it won’t let me connect the ‘‘Reset menu trigger’’ to the ‘‘Bind Event to trigger’’?
See here the error i get in the image below, why is this setup which is thesame as the right one not working twice?