Activate Events (Onclick) on spawned Actors in the Spawner Blueprint

Hello all,
I’m spawning actors (DataPoints) in an actor’s blueprint using the SpawnActor function and saving those actorReferences in an array.
In the next step I want to notice in this blueprint if one of the Points has been clicked to make it interactive. I know there is the OnClick event for the DataPoints’s blueprint but how can I get a notice of that in the SpawnerBlueprint?

Thanks in advance for the help

make a reference to the spawner in each data point. Onclick → call event on spawner.

Optionally you can use Get Owner for the spawner reference and then call an event on it.

The OnClick event is a multicast event – more than one thing can be bound to it.

Thus, after spawning, call the “bind to event” node on the OnClick event, and pass in your own callback.