Activate doors via blueprint?

Am I blind or is there no way to activate a door or gate via the blueprints/graphs? Have tried switching off context sensitive and using the “Activate” function, but it causes a crash on the basis that it isn’t a function of the doors/gates… Is there something I’m missing? Appreciate any help I can get! :smiley:

Ever tried to check on how the doors work in the game ?

That is what i would do initially.

Check out the component tab of the doors. … there might be some animation or actor component triggered off the activate E key.

Or it may not be exposed.

I was playing around with making a movement sensitive light… but couldn’t get the activation component to trigger off a player pawn overlap (though it does fire off logs and sounds in the blueprint graph).

Theoretically it should be possible. … you’re simply playing an animation and toggling a collision box kind of.

The doors don’t have skeletal meshes, so I doubt they’re animated. I believe it’s a manipulation of the transform components. I do not know for certain.

As to your motion-sensor light… try enabling CCD (Continuous Collision Detection) in the collision settings of your overlap/collision component. That is used for repeatedly checking the sphere/box/capsule for colliding actors.

Also double check your collision preset settings. It really should be as simple as onoverlapbegin> activate component(light) | onoverlapend deactivate component(light).



I get the collision ok… I play a ding sound to let me know it triggers and walking into it works fine… and that passes straight through the Activate() function. I’m just upgrading my mod to v220 right now but will post the visual scripting when i get it done.

I’ll also take a look at door activation just out of pure curiosity…

Doesn’t the PIN PAD open close doors already (I know it does for locked ones like a main gate)? Check the code in that to see how it’s done.

I made a automated doors few weeks ago. From what i have found there currently is no easy way of working with the doors since you don’t have access to trigger it(except from the multiuse menu), or even read it’s current state. Same goes for PIN codes. They seem to have exposed both variables with the latest devkit but i can’t use them, they give me a bad type error.
So i made my own door funtions for open, close etc., removed their door triggers from the multiuse menu and replaced them with my own. The only remaining problem with that is pin activation will mess up you door state if you don’t disable it or work around it.