Activate collision on all other blueprint instance

Hello world !
I have a big problem since yesterday,

I have a blueprint instance with “looking action” ,
When I look a mesh, I change of camera which is at the same place as the mesh.

I desactivate this mesh collision “OnBeginOverlap” ( a mesh around camera, it works), but i can not activate collision in all others instances of my duplicated bluprint … So when i have seen the point, i can not go there again after.

I have trying to add onEndOverlap to reactivate collision when i leave it but can not find the fonction…

trying this but return me an error:

Thanks for your help guys

Its pretty simple if not mistaken the begin overlaps works with collision so when you turn off the collision it EndOverlap
and that create an endless loop, didn’t really understood what you trying to do but there a lot of ways to fix it. Call events or function be timing or when you know when it happens, if not possible you can just add collision sphere or a box and use one for event BeginOverlap and collision, and other for EndOverlap and begin collision.