Activate Autocomplete in VS Code under Linux


could you please tell me how to enable Autocomplete in VS Code under Linux?

Which Extensions do I need?
Which Settings do I have to manipulate how?

In case you might answer with RTFM:
I have been looking for it for more than ten days without success.

Thank you very much.

Just google “ue4 vs code”, there’s tons of links offering help.

For example:

Thank you, but this does not help me.

I don’t have Errors in IS, it does not work at all.

As I said, I am looking since a long time, so guess what, I already guugled ue4 vs code.

3 hits down on Google. He lists the plugins he used. Did those not work for you?

I tried them all and it did not work.
Can’ tell you how often I opened that site…

With plain C++ the MS C/C++ Extension works fine.
Should this be sufficient for UE4 Projects or do I need more Extensions?

I put in my Sourcefiles #include “Engine.h” but this did not work neither.
I added it also in forced include (?).

I start typing AA it shows me AActor.
But after AActor:: nothing happens.

From that C++ Intellisense page:

So, looks like it can’t do full Intellisense parsing. You may be hosed. :confused: If you absolutely have to use Linux, you could try one of the other source editors. I remember Eclipse working pretty well, but I haven’t tried it with UE4.


It is done…

First to VS Code:
The MS C++ extension works with plain C++.
string s =“ABC”; Type s. and the functions pop up.
So it should also work with UE4. Should.

I switched to Qt Creator and it works fine.
Compilation, code completion, everything there.

I only had to adjust one setting.
In the Qt Creator main window click on Help, Plugins, C++ Clang Code Model -> Disable.
If this plugin is enabled Autocomplete does not work.

You ask why Linux?
More or less just for fun.
And because Microsoft is getting too impudent about privacy.
And because the Microsoft update policy makes me desperate, or rather the quality of the semi-annual upgrades.
To reinstall Windows 10 every year is not that sort of fun I prefare.

Thank you for your help.

For me and my co-worker at least, UE4 Works better and stable on linux than windows, except for a few missing features like proxy geometry and slower rendering in vulkan than directx. Also way better code complete in qt and kdevelop.

Hello Sam,

I like Linux a lot for a number of reasons.
I made first programming steps in C/C++ under Linux.
A few years ago I worked intensively with it, among other things I ported projects from Linux to Windows via TCL.

Personally, the lack of game support at that time prevented me from switching to Linux.
But so much has changed in the last years, really amazing.

The only thing I would probably always miss is the Visual Studio of MS. It is simply great.

That’s why I try the IDEs under Linux.
Today I’m back at KDevelop again, and now the code completion does not work fully here…
Could you tell me on what I need to pay attention to?

My Unreal Engine starts and loads extremely slowly, is this also the case with you?

Best regards