Actions per minute calculation, ideas?

Im trying to do an very simple rank system. when i do some actions repeated, it should calculate how many actions are done in 1 minute. at this point i call it APM, actions per minute. this will be saved and converted to “rank”, but thats not problem. Im trying to think how to make the math with this, i need a timer calculating seconds, and then always when action happens it will do the math and update current APM. is there any not so common special nodes for this which could help?

Hello Kmssn,

2 ideas:

There is an “Any Key” node (This will fire on mouse-clicks as well) (Increment int on “Any Key” to tally actions)

Also, you can “Get Time Seconds” and save that as a variable when your game starts. Then when the game ends you can “Get Time Seconds” again and subtract the start time from that to get total playtime.

Hope that helps!