Action Sidescroller Starter Kit

**Action Sidescroller Starter Kit **
Starter Kit for creating your own side-scroll platform game

Hello everyone! I have been developing a starter kit for creating side-scrolling games, like Shadow Complex, Rochard, or infinite runners.

The idea is to have a library of blueprints that are very flexible so new content can be easily created by extending the **Blueprints **and using the Blueprint Components.

Some of the Features

[table=“width: 500”]

**Weapon Aiming with Aim Offsets**

**Interact with game objects**

All Purpose Platforms
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**Jump Through And Drop Down**


Camera Bounds Controller
This is a special type of trigger that controls the bounds of the camera. This may be used for creating a metroidvania style game.

And more

  • Ladders
  • Basic Enemies
  • Damage Volumes
  • Healing Volumes
  • Stomp on enemie’s heads to kill them
  • Checkpoint System

More yet to come!

Any feedback would be very welcome!
Thank you

Shadow Complex 2 anyone? Looks great! Would it be possible to add Camera Lag & Look Ahead values for when moving & aiming?

Sure! I will get into improving the camera right after I finish with the other small stuff.

Anything else you guys would like to see in this kit?


This is amazing! Would definitely be interested in it