Action RPG

Hi everyone,

I’d like to get 3 or 4 people together, who are interested to work on this, as a hobby for learning purposes and also for a lot of fun:)
I’m doing this project for a few weeks but we can change things if this would be better or much more fun.

Who am I?:

  • 27year old (based in germany)
  • working full time as a software engineer
  • doing unreal engine for about 7-8Month
  • A programmer by heart
  • Not a designer ( learned basic but that’s really not something I enjoyed)
  • I have a normal live besides work and UE so I can just spend 1-2Hours a day for this project :wink:

What I’ve done so far (I did most of those things in c++ with prototyping possibility):

  1. Targeting System
  2. Melee Combat System (up to three combos)
  3. NPC Basic AI (like walking around, doing animations etc)
  4. NPC Simple Text System (npc can tell you something)
  5. Casting different spells
  6. Summon/Pet Basic AI
  7. Basic Enemy
  8. Basic Enemy AI (WIP)

I’m searching for people who also have some experience with the engine, so we can start on the same level of knowledge.
Designer, Artists and Programmers are welcome.

If you are interested just leave me PM here.

Here are some short video impressions of my prototypes

I’m happy to hear from you.

Currently just looking for 1 or 2 more persons


Very cool; I’m working on an RPG related stat system, as hobby too on my spare time. Just to dive a bit more into UE’s c++.
I can’t join any colab project at the moment, but wish you good luck!

Are you using the engine’s skill system? I was reading some docs and came across files about a skill module builtin, but didn’t find any details about it.

Hey hey,

thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:
No, I didn’t know about this engine skill system and did some custom implementations.
But I will definetly look at this, sound really interesting.


I send you a PM. Please take a look.

Message send

  • Animation artist definitly missing now:)

Are still working on your project? If so pm me…