Action RPG

Hi there!

We are looking for amazing people to collaborate on an action RPG.
It will be built with Unreal Engine.

The project is currently rev-share (which is not the best option in the world), however, we are working on getting it paid asap (in fact we have already created the business plan and we also approached an investor). It is in plans to keep approaching investors and publishers. By any means, we also are considering an option to launch the campaign on Kickstarter.

We are looking for people in the following areas:

  1. Art : concept artist, environment artist, storyboard, texture artist ; 3D modellers
  2. Level designer
  3. Programmers with knowledge in C++ and Unreal Engine

However, if you feel that your role is not mentioned, but you’d still love to help - don’t be afraid to reach out and we’ll have a chat

Here’s the brief idea, however, I will be happy to discuss more via DM or Discord: Rtyrolia#4158 :

Presentation :…g35f391192_00

Videos :…0_20-42-50.mp4…8_16-54-12.mp4

Music :…150bpm/s-Q0hwk…/orchestra.wav

Arts :…529/castle.jpg…07542/Lake.jpg…609/image0.jpg…706/image0.jpg…096/forest.jpg

And a bit more. In the game you will be able to see the past and the present. There will be 2 main villains and some hidden ones as well :

The Past (Back Story) - A little bit of info
“30 years ago in the world a battle took place between the gods of the spiritual realm, and an entity of ancient origins known as the Shadow. The Shadow proved a threat to all living things of the world and therefore needed to be stopped.
The Shadow was defeated and imprisoned, but one of the gods, the god of the seas, fell in love with it as the Shadow took female form. The Shadow, of course, only wanted to use the god for her benefit. However she ended up falling in love with this god as well. This god freed the Shadow, and the Shadow ran rampant through the continent, becoming stronger than she was before. She waged war against the gods of the spiritual realm once more.
In one sad and brutal fight, the god of the seas stood against the Shadow to protect his fellow gods, but lost his life as a result. The other gods abandoned the physical and the spiritual realm, being no match for the Shadow. The Shadow now ruled over both realms, although she was now significantly weaker than before, due to her final battle against her defunct lover.
One of the subjects of the god of the seas was the legendary sea serpent, Leviathan. As a loyal friend, Leviathan mourned the loss of his lord and master. However, although the god of the seas had lost his immortal body, his soul had survived. This was due to the Leviathan having saved his soul, unbeknownst to the Shadow, and having using its spiritual power to put it inside a human baby about to be born.
As the years passed, the Shadow managed to gradually corrupt Leviathan by wearing down its will, the same way she had corrupted other clans of dragons in the world. When she finally gained full access to its mind, she learned that her former lover, the god of the seas, lived. By then, 30 years had passed since the god of the seas had been reborn, and she now searches frantically for her love.
This story will be revealed through nightmares of these events. The player will be able to choose options in dialogues, but will not be able to fight. They can still be killed through these nightmare sequences, so they must run away. The premise is, if you die in these dreams, you die in the real world.”