Action RPG template now available in Epic Games Launcher.

Just saw this piece of gem.

@ryanjon2040 - Unreal Match 3??? :p:p

ARPG is a mix of BP & C++. Personally, I’d have preferred if it was just one or the other… But…
On the plus side its a UE4 game demo which we never really got before (not of any substance).
On the downside its still not clear how much Epic will expand it if anything at all, which is a pity…

@franktech LOL! Didnt notice that one :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup. It also makes use of Ability System Component which is something I was looking forward.

I do have plans to keep working on this project. However, the reason I have not shared what they are as we are still discussing them internally. The last thing I want to do is promise something that I can not deliver on. So please give me some time to make sure that what we do have planned can be delivered.

I for one think this is so awesome. Thanks for helping noobs like me have a better path to telling my stories.

finally feel like a director with a host of potential

I love this kind of stuff. Thanks! I’m working on a similar game and this will help me.

Not a programmer, I normally do mostly level design and low poly assets. I have been attempting to make a dungeon crawler that employs similar play styles for the PC, how difficult if it is even possible would this be to redeploy as a PC keyboard and mouse game?

Using Action RPG will be kind of a hard task since Gameplay abilities uses C++ programming to get working. If you don’t need that, re-purposing assets and making them kb/m should be easy enough.
I like to help out other devs if I can, so hit me up if you need help.

Is there any way to disable friendly fire in this template? :sweat_smile: