"Action RPG" marketplace template updated for Unreal Engine 5?

I started working on a project with the “Action RPG” template on the marketplace and I really want to convert it to Unreal Engine 5 to make it open world, I’ve poured thousands of hours of development and only stopped a few years ago to start up with Unreal Engine 5, but the code seems to be so deprecated it refuses to build in visual studio for a bunch of bizarre reasons, it gives an error of “SlateRemote” missing, it also asks for an icon randomly in a folder and even when you add an icon it still errors. If anyone were to try creating the 4.27 Action RPG themselves and help convert it to 5.0 that would be greatly appreciated as well.

I actually managed to load it up in Unreal Engine 5.0 BETA through lots of effort, I can’t possibly remember all the esoteric steps it took, but I still had a problem where the game would crash on compile, even though I could technically run the game in the UE editor, at this point it seems converting it is beyond my understanding which is a shame because there is mention that 4.27 should convert to 5.0 effortlessly.

With how much Unreal Engine has done for the average hobbyist dev a lot of these conversion issues are a big drawback to using UE and I really wish they’d take time to address this.

The “Action RPG” template is also a very underrated tool for making PC games even though it’s labelled as for mobile, with very little effort I made the graphics reasonable for PC and performance was phenomenal, exactly the kind of thing hobbyists would love without the need for each dev to repeat the same exact blueprints and code that everyone would be using for an action RPG universally anyway. The game I’m working on is free with a very unique style and has some very unique gameplay elements that would take years and many thousands of hours to redo.

Hello, I got the same problem.
If you open the ProjectName.uproject file with any editor you can remove the requested Plugin “SlateRemote” that sounds to be not included anymore in the Unreal 5.
Then you build the game from Visual Studio and everything should work.