Action RPG Inventory System

If you are not using the InventoryPlayerCharacter but your own Character class called “ThirdPersonCharacter” then you will need to add the camera to your own character class. If you look in the InventoryPlayerCharacter you will see the camera and the camera boom (which is a Camera Spring Arm Component).

Don’t forget to parent your new character class to EquipmentCharacter to Inherit all the Equipment meshes if you want your character to display Equipped Item meshes.

Just a quick update on my project.

I added a working mana/health/stamina/momentum/hunger/thirst system and hooked it all up to the widget you provide, then created my own in reverse for the other side of the screen. It was very easy to duplicate the drag and drop and have learned a lot about widgets in general by looking at how this is set up.

I still have some color work and whatnot to touch up, but it’s coming along I think. :slight_smile:

Guys i have been able to figure all of my problems, except this one still exist.
Each time i change a variable in the itemlist file, i need to restart the whole project in order for the numbers to take actually change in game, any solution for this?

Very nice!

The spell FX and the sword animations are from the Marketplace?

Nice work and yes one person can build a game it just takes a lot longer lol, i recommend using a client spawned actor for your character portrait out side of the skybox rather that using a capture component from your pawn.

@Pirate thanks, I just renamed the setup for the camera system that I had to GetFollowCamera and the node is fine now.

I have completed the entire video tutorial and parts are working as expected.

But I am having troubles with the inventory and character slot windows not opening when access keys used. I can highlight game items fine, and the door item works (as it does not need a widget open to complete), but the widget interface does not open to access the pot, skeleton, etc, when pressing “E”
I am receiving this error message:
Screen Shot 05-28-17 at 03.01 AM (2).PNG

It looks like the InventoryUI reference isn’t being set during the function InitializePlayer() in the InventoryPlayerController.
You will see there in the logic it reads from the InventoryHUD class to set the InventoryUI reference.

Perhaps the InventoryHUD Class isn’t setup in your GameMode so it’s not able to read and set the reference.

I actually tried that first and had it working, but wasn’t able to get that system to replicate for multiplayer.

The reason I kept the full view was also because I hate getting ganked from behind while fiddling with my inventory. This is sort of a rear view mirror while you are messing around with weapon/char/stats/armor configurations. I haven’t noticed any perf hits, but if it causes any problems I’ll tweak it in the future. For now, it’s a “soul stone” that explains how/why you can respawn after getting killed, and why adding a Rune of sacrafice to your inventory allows players to retain their gear upon death if they have one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Since I’m here… here’s an update of some new AI I added this week.

Replication for multiplayer can be done by creating a render target for each client.

I just wanted to say this inventory system/social system is great. Love it.

Feedback (Granted, this isn’t hard to do but just thinking on the concept of plug and play)

  • Add Loot All functionality on the loot windows out of the box :slight_smile:
  • Would be sweet to have a basic guild window with the social system out of the box as well.

New Stuff

  • I’d like to see you guys release a plugin that expands on this for NPC Merchant/Shops.
  • Crafting plugin

I’ll be doing a second pass of the HUD very soon and will probably attempt to change it more to the way yours works. (I may hit you up for some help though since now you got me thinking about it!:P)

Here’s how things are looking now that I have melee weapon tracing working on the AI and some various sound and movement tweaks. Still a long way to go, but yet I’ve come too far to stop now. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Pirate I wanted to say sorry to hear about your father and hope everything is ok, I also wanted to say ty for all the hard work u have done with your marketplace assets/bp and keeping them all updated and also the forum.

Hi everyone! :slight_smile: First of all, wanted to say thanks for the great asset! I bought it because I thought it looked amazing, didn’t really need it at the time but meh :stuck_out_tongue:

Just started using it and it’s amazing, got this weird thing going on, maybe someone could help a fella out? Can’t seem to attach the weapon to my infinity blade warriors hand, works on the skeleton with a weapon preview on but not in game, just attaches between my characters legs :confused: Everything else goes where it is supposed to, it doesn’t fit, but it’s all placeholders anyways, just wanted to attach a weapon for combat testing :slight_smile:

Does the character your using have the correct socket setup on the skeleton? If it doesn’t, it will appear at the base like that. I’m also assuming your weapon is setup correctly (if you’re not talking about a demo item from the inventory plugin)

Hey, @Pirate.

Love the System. Concise comments over all your script and easy to follow. Been a blast learning from it. I have been having problems, however, with Miaxmo Skeletons and using the Mixamo Animation Retargetting Plugin from the Epic Marketplace. After retargetting the Mixamo assets to the provided Epic Skeleton in your package, it seems the sockets aren’t all orientated correctly. Namely, everything except the MainHand, OffHand, RingRight, and RingLeft. The added sockets seem to work fine (which I manually added on the Mixamo Skeleton after retargetting - following your same hierarchy), but the equipment that has been assigned to the Epic Skeleton bones are either running along the floor with the character, or are misaligned - such as the helmet, which appears off to one side (as pictured below). I can’t change the orientation of these bones since that in turn manipulates the Mesh that it’s attached to. Any pointers would be grand. Please don’t tell me I can’t use the Inventory Character as a parent because Mixamo bones are not orientated in the same way as Epic’s.

Keep up the good work!


Thank you for the kind words and glad you are having a blast working on your project.
Unfortunatley since the Inventory Skeletal Mesh example items are rigged to the unreal skeleton in an 3d art package. Because the Mixamo skeleton is different the painted weight information for the bones on the skeletal meshes are different. You will need to open up an app like blender/max/maya and repaint the weights for all the items to your custom skeleton (mixamo). It’s a pretty standard to do an something all 3d artists need to know how to do. There should be a lot of tutorials on youtube as this process is not specific to unreal but it’s done in all 3d animation.

Does your character have sockets like the inventory example mannequin skeleton has for MainHand and OffHand sockets? They need to be named the same as it’s case sensitive.

How do I turn off the auto generation for the main character. When I integrated the system even with my thirdpersoncharacter unreal still generates loot for the character.

I think in the demo folder there is a starting class items data table. You’ll need to edit out all 3 classes that are on there because it seems to pick a random class when you log in. Or truly fix it at in the logic that chooses the class. :slight_smile:

Hi there,

I’ve watched the video to add your own items into the game world for use by the inventory system but have run into an issue. The video is easy to follow, but all the meshes are already imported into unreal 4. how do I import a skeletal mesh for my item that is already targeted for instance on the head?