Action RPG Inventory System

Oh well. This inventory looks too nice not to get so I think I’ll get it and try to mash it together with the JCInventory to try and get that multiple slot functionality.

Easy is a pretty relative term. I know I can do that easily with the Inventory System but it won’t do it for you out of the box.
It can be easy for some and impossible for others. I think the hard part is coming up with a solid design and most of the work to achieve results like above is UMG/UI changes/logic (Jig Saw Slots).

I can think of a couple different designs to achieve that same result for storing items in tabs/clothing containers.

One way and probably the easiest is that you can setup your inventory so when you equip a backpack type item it gives you X amount of slots. Then you have the UI render a tab for this backpack type item and show how many slots it has. Because each backpack item will have it’s own assigned range of inventory slots you will know what items are in what backpack. Remember you just need to show the player the organization of the items in your UI. You don’t actually need to have items inside items inside complicated arrays. If they drop that backpack on the ground just spawn a item that looks like a backpack and put the items it had in it.
*(I can build a DayZ/Arma style UI using this method for the clothing containers. Weapons/Attachments and Clothing slots would be setup like the equipment slots are already a set of assigned inventory slots starting at 0)
Another way is to create a backpack item that actually has a container type inventory. Then you can store an array of these containers which have some properties (Name, Slot Count, etc) and when viewing your inventory on the client loop through these containers and draw them to the UI in the way you want. This will require a bit more logic as you will want to handle a bunch of new container to container interactions.

The Inventory System is a great base to customize into any game style and to build upon for new features. The UI is Drag and Drop themed but that is just the demo UI. The Inventory System itself can be used with any type of UI design with a little understanding of how it reads the UI Item Data from your Inventory Items.

If you are looking for a more complete solution for that design posted above, I think there is another inventory system on the marketplace that does this more or less out of the box already.

I’m interested in the out come i may have a crack at adapting it to a jigsaw inventory my self.

Stash item filtering and random Durability, Quality and Stats, Stats are set depending on the items Quality the better the Quality the higher the stats range is.

I have a long list of games which need stash filtering which is why i have added it in to my game haha.

Looks good OverRated :slight_smile:

I have been working over my melee system, and then decided to throw in some AI…
Made a little “mini boss” Goblin that is activated when the player steps up to the doorway.
It has a health bar and it does random attacks, currently only set up as 2 different types of melee swings.
I just need to finish the damage output from player to enemy and vice versa. For now… good enough :slight_smile:

@OverRated_AU Declarative UI implementation is really rapid. You can code like React. :slight_smile:

Im having issues setting this up with the MPTopDown Kit. I followed your merge tutorial 100%, am not getting ANY errors, but it just doesn’t work… Like I build the project, start up, go ingame, and pressing any of the hotkeys does nothing :’(
Pretty lost as to what to do.


Is your GameMode calling the right classes? Sometimes when things just don’t work at all for no reason it’s that.
Please send me an email at and I can help you resolve your issues ASAP.

Very cool, I like the Goblin model. What technique are you thinking of doing for registering hits? simple raycast, per bone collision, physics overlap, other?

Thanks Pirate!
Goblin Model is just the Mixamo Goblin lol
For registering hits I’m going to start off with overlaps but I may move to a per bone collision for some better hit registration.

This setup is also only going to be used for “world mini bosses” and the likes.
I’m going to set up pawn sensing for regular mob AI in the world.
I want to have certain types of mobs have certain detection properties.
Skeletons-visual: so you can sneak behind them
Goblins-aural:hear you at a distance but not really know what it is they hear

Nice work there :), I’m yet to start work on a combat system for my project all in good time.

Been working on a crafting system its very basic at the moment and has some bugs i need to fix but its working using the inventory system.

You know, this is really cool, and there isn’t any tutorials, or assets on the marketplace covering durability, or even simple crafting. I for one would buy, or would love at the very least a tutorial. Would love if you considered something a long those lines. Lots of inventory demos, nothing with what you have shown us. Anyways, keep up the fantastic work

Ya, it’s really cool seeing your progress, It makes me want to get back to working on my game :slight_smile:

As my crafting and durability logic is using the ARPG Inventory i would have to make a dummy inventory system before i could put it up on the marketplace, Maybe when I’m happy with these two system and there refined i mite see what i can do :slight_smile: .


Update on the crafting system :D.

Great progress!

I’m trying to cut down on spamming the page with large posts :P, so after a day I’m going to replace the videos with just links.

This crafting system is about 90% finished at the moment i have bulk crafting which I’m going to change to a single item loop of the set amount.

I like the embedded videos. Puts a little color in an otherwise dull black and white scenario. I also like not having to bounce to another website.

Ya I like the videos, it would be nice to see even more peoples progress through images and videos :smiley:

But I think 1920x1080 images are too big and should be half sized before posting in threads :smiley:

It looks like Update 1.4 is finally out :slight_smile:

Update notes and migration instructions can be found here.

Very easy to follow updates, thank you c: