Action RPG Inventory System

I came across this, and thought I’d share it. It may be helpful to some in regards to importing new armors and such. I may try and see if it fixes my previous boot sync issue.

The Meshes on the Equipment Character are doing that already.
You can see this in the OnRep functions. So everytime you equip a new equipment mesh and it loads it onto the player it sets the master pose component to the character “mesh”.

I enjoy reading about your progress. Please keep us updated. :slight_smile:

Very nice!

Will do :slight_smile: , Here is some Inventory Item Drop On Death Logic i added in tonight.

Thanks! It’s a bit dodgy since I can’t animate (hence the no walking with pistol etc) but i’m more focused on getting the pure mechanics down, then can slot in art later :slight_smile:

Before I start really hacking things up, is there an easy way to keep the inventory and variables stay and reload when switching levels?

Have tired passing the data to the server then back to the player in an array?

I’ve played around a little, but the ‘init player’ gets passed at each level load. I may have to create and parse a variable in my Gameinstance that, when the first level loads, checks to see if it’s the original level. If it isn’t, then load that saved data rather than the initializing data…? It sounds right in theory, just not sure a good way to find/save each type of data i need. May have to try it from the scratch content to get it working rather than risk messing up my currently working project. Thanks.

So do the starting items get placed in your character inventory each time you change levels?

Yes. If I load my the game…run around…collect some items…add money…add levels…then open a new map (from command or blueprint) it opens the new map as if I just started the game over. I started with just trying to save the ‘cash’ variable to test it, with no luck. I’ll keep playing with it over time.

This mite help.


I’m working on creating an item that is a clue that begins a quest.

I’ve created a child blueprint of the Loot_Skeleton and a journal item.

I believe that I need to override the OnActorUsed function of my journal blueprint (copied from the red apple.) to open a page widget on which I will display the journal entries.

Is this the correct approach or do you have another suggestion?

I would also like to disable the loot generation for the Loot_Skeleton child blueprint. Is there an easy way to do this? A neat little boolean would be nice.

Why not create a new item type called questclues, then make the item simlar to a consumable but make it display a widget when used, edit lootactor add a boolean to disable the loot generation, in side you loot container just add a simple add inventory item adding your clue to the loot container.

that is pretty much what I was about to write :D, thank you.
And for the disabling loot generation, a simple bool and branch before it calls the logic to generate the loot will work. Then you can set it to true by default and then change it per child or per instance placed in your world.

For your informatio, we(ncsoft) could implement almost all MMORPG UI system in 3 weeks with Unreal.js. :slight_smile:

Cool, I’m sure a lot of people would love a tutorial showing them how to do that :slight_smile:

I wrote up an entire paragraph without investigating further into the blueprints, woops! Thanks for all of your hard work, I love it!

<tosses in a sovereign> I also call. I’d like to see those cards. :slight_smile:

NCsoft!? Interesting! :slight_smile: Nice to see you here, I hope that the MMRPG UI you are talking about is being used in Lineage 3 :wink: HINT HINT “MAKE L3” HINT HINT