Action RPG Inventory System

If it does not divulge too much proprietary info, could you elaborate on your setup a bit? That sounds like a good work around for that issue. I’m only familiar with Line Traces in regards to camera.

Sure this guy covers pretty much all i have done, it will be easier for you to follow rather than me posting images up.

Nice tutorial, I bookmarked it for later when I have to do this in my game :smiley:

Oddly enough, I still have the same issue. Since it is still being trigger from the animation sequence, which is firing twice, I get the same issue.

EDIT: I added a ‘Print’ just to see, and it is indeed firing twice, but is out of sync until I jump once. then the both fire at the same time. If you have no issues after following that example, as I did, maybe the issue is my model?

Can you post a video so we can see what its doing?

How would you recommend doing a video capture? I’ll see what I can do tomorrow after work. It’s almost 2300 here, so I’m off to bed. Good night all, and thanks.

Camstudio is a good free program i use Camtasia Studio 8 but its not free.

The only difference i have from that video is I’m doing a check on the characters movement speed and only playing it when above 50, as i found the sound would some times play once after stopping the walk/run animation, now you could match the check with the speed of your character but i found 50 being a good middle.

Here is my setup if it helps.


Mine looks the same. I’ll work on a short video of the issue after work. Thanks.

Don’t forget to tell epic about their bug ;D

Already done. No response yet.

Here a video of how my foot steps sound also some sack logic haha.

Updated my harvesting logic still needs a animation :P.

Got home late from work…then the new nvidia driver FUBAR’d my system. Now that it’s all fixed…I’ll make that video. :slight_smile:

As you can see, all is well when the character has no boots. When i add the boots i get the doubling/out of sync sound. Then when i jump, it fixes the sync, but still doubles the sound as seen from the Print text. (I hav enot added different sounds for different textures yet, just trying to get the mechanic to work first)

Try dragging your character up so his feet are level with the landscape in your character blueprint, i recall i did this some time ago when i noticed my characters feet clipping the ground, seems like the character in the third person template is just positioned like that.

I thought that as well and moved it up. I will try raising him a bit more and see what happens…

EDIT: That just made him float. I may have to look into another way to trigger the sound then using animation cues. This is an annoying bug… :mad:

Does the mannequin have the same problem when you switch to it? I can’t see it being a bug if I’m not getting the same result.

Also try just a plan landscape to see if it’s related to that.

The UE4 Mannequin does not have that issue, so it is my character…or the skeleton :frowning: I used a Fuse character I made, with the new Fuse animations. I originally tried to used the default animations and skeleton, but it distorted the mesh. That’s why I went this route. I’m not sure why its happening with that model/skeleton…

When you import a Fuse models make sure you select the Mannequin skeleton or the animations wont be work right, which ends up with your model with zigzag arms lol.

I was able to get the imported toon working with the default animations, but he imported shorted and with strange shoulders. That’s why I went with the straight import and fuse animations. Everything works great minus that. I’ll probably use the weird character for now and do a separate thread to see if I can figure out why it does that. Only thing I noticed was the location of the foot bones. In the UE model, the foot is towards the top center of the mesh. In the fuse model it hits the ground plane the same time as the mesh. I’m not sure if that makes a difference, but I’ll keep playing with it when I get off work. Sorry for running the thread off the rails, but didn’t want other people to run into the same issue.

The shoulders problem can be fixed easily if you know how to use 3D max, shot me a PM and ill see if i can match the bones with the Mannequin for you.

I appreciate it that. PM Sent