Action Medieval/Fantasy RPG Project

Hello, everyone! First I will ask for patience since this is all really early, but I’ll have tons of information ahead spread apart in compartments so you can pick and choose what you wish. I apologize there isn’t a whole lot of screenshots or anything visible to show the progress of what I have thus far.

About Me
28 years of age, College Student going for the Computer Science program at Boise State University (I’ve only taken Intro to C thus far), however I’m not sure if I will be continuing because I had a narcolepsy-induced car accident back in December which made me rethink my priorities, and what I could, realistically, do with my life. I took this semester off to think about it, and I’ve spent it on attempting to do my own project. I’m on the Autism Spectrum Disorder (in the range of Asperger’s Syndrome, though mild - - my interactions face-to-face are horrible, but online I can hold a conversation), Sleep Apnea, and Narcolepsy, though the discovery of the sleeping disorders is fairly recent (November 2013) though it makes sense to me since I’ve fallen asleep while working (including standing up, though very briefly - - I’d wake when I’d start tilting over), during job interviews, exams, and job trainings. It’s hindered (since 2011 or so) my ability to retain information due to how it has progressed over the years. Since I’m not in school this semester, I have no insurance and haven’t been able to take Nuvigil (I was treating the over-sleepiness with this, due to constant exhaustion), but I recently saw my doctor and he gave me Ritalin, so that’s helping me stay on track. So back on December 26th, I stumbled upon Unreal 4 and subscribed as a day-late birthday gift to myself. Since then I’ve been learning, playing, and spending the money in my savings to invest in myself. I’ve had subscriptions for SpeedTree, Mixamo, and Ikinema to assist in my attempt to make a game.

If there is anything I do have, it is the understanding of programming (I was in SecondLife from 2007-2011 scripting in LSL, which led me to realize my passion for programming and led my decision to College), and story and lore. I used to write as a kid, and when I got to high school, I also learned roleplaying in chat rooms, which started my social interactions since I was too shy in person to speak most of the time, let alone start conversation. So I jumped into a story back in high school that I’ve nurtured and developed since, and I plan on using all of it in the game.

The Game Lore
Genre: Roleplaying

More-Detailed-Genre: Action/Adventure Roleplaying with Survivor Elements

Playable Races: Humans, Daemons, Elves, Fae(?), Dragons, Minotaurs(?), Oktoru (Similar to Illithids, but neither evil nor mind-flayers; they are emotionless and logical - - the Vulcans of my world)

Player Growth: Skill-based (Similar to The Elder Scrolls, classes only exists as “presets”, if that makes sense?

Skills: 1H Blade, 2H Blade, 1H Mace, 2H Mace, 1H Blunt, 2H Blunt, Dual Wield, Shields, Spears, Polearms, Unarmed (Bare or Gauntlets), Mage Robes, Light Armor (Cloth & Leather), Medium Armor (consists of light metals and mail (chainmail, scalemail)), Heavy Armor (Heavy metals & Plates), Bows, Crossbows, Terramancy (Earth Magic, excluding plants), Aeromancy (Air Magic), Pyromancy (Fire Magic), Hydromancy (Water Magic), Cryomancy (Frost/Cold/Ice Magic), Electromancy (Electrical Magic), Toximancy (Poison Magic), Scotomancy (Darkness Magic), Photomancy (Light Magic), Hemomancy (Blood Magic), Daemonomancy (Demon Summoning/Imprisonment Magic), Necromancy (Death Magic).

[HR][/HR]Class Presets:
(1) Combative – A person specializing in non-magical combat.

(2) **Diviner **– A person who utilizes powers gained through faith rather than mana or magic. (The good ones were usually found in the continent of Ichvilad, but liked to police on Vindarkian soil pre-pandemic, the bad ones wielded darkness instead of divinity and had dark in front of their name (I.e. Dark Paladin, Dark Cleric, Dark Priest). WARNING: These three classes are how they are formed in The Divine Order)
[li] **Paladin **- A very formidable, heavily armored combatant who depended on his combat skills more than anything else, but was also skilled in using faith-based elements in their attacks for offensive or Defensive use.
[/li][li] **Cleric **- Offensive wielder of Divinity through faith. Has some combative skills, but is more proficient at using their faith to smite their enemies.
[/li][li] **Priest **- Defensive wielder of Divinity through faith. Has no combative skills, but is an excellent healer, and overall support with its defensive capabilities to shield allies and reflect magic.
/li **Caster **– A person whom solely utilizes sanctioned magic in some form.
[/li][li] **Healer **– A person who utilizes self healing, single healing, and group healing, curative spells, and defensive magic, widely a supportive class of Magic. Healers are quite capable of healing wounds and injuries, but they cannot heal deformations or illnesses.
[/li][li] **Mystic **– A caster specialized in defensive magic, as well as offensive mesmerizing spells. The Mystics were a group of Casters that existed in the Territory “Eilorel”, who worshiped Anima. Because they believed in balance, they would heal their allies by taking from their enemies, if there were no enemies to “draw” from, they would give from themselves for another. They usually assisted Warlocks out of their own accord against Outcasters, keeping the Warlocks sustained as a sort of “support”, while weakening the enemy Outcaster.
[/li][li] **Sorcerer **– A caster who specializes in casting offensive spells of various elemental types of magic, some neutral. A Wizard against a Sorcerer of equal skill will likely stalemate.
[/li][li] **Wizard **– A caster specialized in defensive and warding magic, the opposite of Sorcerer, in a sense, as their magic focuses across the different elemental types. They are great at fortifying and defending. A Wizard against a Sorcerer of equal skill will likely stalemate.
[/li][li] **Warlock **– A disabling caster with an arsenal of Damage over Time spells, and were quite efficient at disabling others through anti-magic and anti-flight spells. They were the “police force” for the Vindarkian Empire, and were quite formidable opponents against Outcasters.
[/li][li] **Elementalist **– Nature-Elemental magic, specializes in the offensive and defensive magic of a single element, advanced stages of Elementalists included being able to form elemental familiars that would serve them as pets. Elementalists were able to enchant weapons (that were not previously enchanted) with whatever element they wielded, but only for a short amount of time. In the early stages, these mages would only be capable of manipulating the magic, and until they were capable of creating the magic, the suffix would be “kinetic” instead of “mancer”. (I.e. Pyrokinetic could only manipulate flames, and Pyromancers were capable of creating & manipulating them). These were the types of Elementalists and their respective names (once they were capable of creating them):
[/li][li] **Terramancer **(Wielder of Earth)
[/li][li] **Aeroamancer **(Wielder of Air)
[/li][li] **Pyromancer **(Wielder of Fire)
[/li][li] **Hydromancer **(Wielder of Water)
[/li][li] **Cryomancer **(Wielder of Ice)
[/li][li] **Electromancer **(Wielder of Electricity)
[/li][li] **Toximancer **(Wielder of Poison)
[/li][li] **Scotomancer **(Wielder of Darkness) - All but Shades were limited into how far they could dwell in this type
[/li][li] **Photomancer **(Wielder of Light) - Aria was the only one of her kind
[/li][li] (Non-Playable) Biomancer (Manipulator of the Body) - A Scholar named Terra was the one to discover this, though she was claimed to be a Hemomancer (Blood Mage), she discovered this type of bodily manipulation at her attempt to use magic to cure illness and deformities, things healing magic or faith couldn’t touch.
[/li][li] Shaman – A caster that utilizes supportive, healing, and damaging magic through spirit-summoning. The spirits may range from spirits of nature, to those of animals, to sentient spirits that may have once lived. Though the spirits are ‘brought forth’ by the Shaman, the spirits will only do as they please, so the Shaman must choose wisely what spirit to tap into, as they cannot force the spirit to do anything. Shaman were particularly popular because for each generation there was a single Shaman chosen to be “Seer” by the Gods. Only 1 Seer existed at any given time, and they were the only ones capable of seeing the Gods, though none of them ever spoke of what the Gods looked like, for if they betrayed the trust of any of the Gods, the person would be stripped of the ability granted by the Gods.
/li **Outcaster **– A person whom wielded one of the illegal and unsanctioned Schools of magic.
[/li][li] Blood Mage – Specialized in Hemomancy (blood magic), using health in moments instead of mana, and manipulating/damaging wounded opponents that have blood. This is usually the most common type of Outcaster because Daemonology is extremely risky, and Necromancy takes a very dedicated mind to master its high learning curve. The most advanced stages of Hemomancy include being able to shape and form diseases, including parasites.
[/li][li] Daemonomancer – Dark-Elemental magic, Damage Over Time spells, and daemon “pet” conjuring. Daemonomancer were able to summon daemons through the Hexagram, composed of two concave triangles. The Hexagram represented all of the Gods of Vindarkis, and so to summon a daemon, it required to place objects within the area of a specific God, and the objects had to be related to that specific God. Depending on the rarity/potency of the items, and the amount of blood offered to that God, the final result of the daemon summoned (including its level of power) would depend on the favor gained from that specific God. Once the daemon was summoned, the Daemonomancer would have to imprison it, or fight it. To capture the daemon, the Daemonomancer would have to speak its name. If the Daemonomancer’s willpower was strong enough, he’d imprison the daemon within himself, capable of summoning it, or tapping into its power. If the Daemonomancer’s willpower wasn’t strong enough, the daemon would remain outside of the Daemonomancer in its own physical form, but be enslaved to follow the daemon’s orders.
[/li][li] **Necromancer **– Dot, Charged/delayed power spells, death/undead manipulation, undead minion conjuring. Blood magic energy alternative. Necromancers can ascend to great heights, but it usually takes many years studying such dark arts to get anywhere. It takes an intellectual mind, for knowledge of the body is required, but most minds are twisted to its thirst for power. It is not possible to be a “good” Necromancer. “Good” people do not desecrate the bodies of the diseased, and that is a fact. There are a lot of things to learn about Necromancy, and the powers begin with the temporary conjuration of undead minions, but eventually grow to powering corpses, manipulating the dead, and eventually, be capable of creating “horrors” through surgically combining body parts of different people/creatures to create an undead, and possibly monstrous, servant to do your every bidding. The Highest Levels of Necromancy include Lichcraft, the ability to make yourself a Lich, or even make other non-Necromancers into Lich-like creatures, known as Revenants (who can, in fact, be bound to the original Lich for servitude, or buy their ascension to such a form by performing tasks for the Lich beforehand so that their soul is bound to an object (their phylactery), and then given to them).
/li **Hybrids **– A person with both combative and casting qualities
[/li][li] Dark Knight – (Mystic/Sorcerer/Warlock) & Combative combo. Originally from the territory of Ruthmar.)
[/li][li] **Battlemage **– Elementalist & Combative combo
[/li][li] Arcane Guardian - (Healer/Wizard/Shaman) & Combative Combo
[/li][li] Blood Knight – Blood Mage & Combative combo
[/li][li] Unholy Knight – Daemonomancer & Combative combo
[/li][li] Death Knight – Necromancer & Combative combo

**Benevolent Gods **

**Leeya **- Goddess of Passion, Love & Harmony (Element: Fire, Region: Endora) 

**Verti **- God of Triumph & Glory (Element: Light, Region: Coreanus)  

**Ilari **- Goddess of Peace & Diplomacy (Element: Shock, Region: Drakkar) 

**Sumiri **- Goddess of Life & Nature (Element: Earth, Region: Geonesis) 

**Ferya **- Goddess of Purity & Charity (Element: Water, Region: Karitha) 

**Tormina **- Goddess of Joy & Happiness (Element: Air, Region: Sureil) 

**Malevolent Gods **

**Wei **- Goddess of Vengeance & Loathing (Element: Frost, Region: Tarim) 

**Rhomek **- God of ****, Dominance & Oppression (Element: Poison, Region: Xerifar)

**Brach **- God of Betrayal & Deception (Element: Blood, Region: Anzeera) 

**Quer **- God Pestilence & Famine (Element: Disease, Region: Slorn)

**Zorjen **- God of Trickery & Jealousy (Element:Acid, Region: Loril) 

**Xunai **- God of War, Chaos & Destruction (Element: Darkness, Region: Ruthmar)

**Neutral God **

**Anima **- Spirit of Death, Undeath, Justice & Balance (13, Element: Soul, Region: Ailorel) 
    Class: Mystic 
    Race: Wight) 

Deceased Gods

**Jorvir **– God of Forging & Enchantment (Element: Daylight, Region: Dursa) 

**Erja **– Goddess of Rage & Insanity (Element: Moonlight, Region: Vek'tu)


Age of Knowledge: Greatest rise in magical and technological advances, fell due to the aspirations of men to conquer the other planes (Aether for the positive spiritual plane, Nether for the negative spiritual plane, the physical plane (Neutral energy) is known as Ether).

Age of the Cataclysm: A cataclysm was formed when men tried to enter the Nether through a massive magical ritual involving hundreds of sacrifices. A Mysterious second portal appeared, thought to have been an act of the Gods since it led to the Aether. The two portals were near enough for the energies spilling in from the different planes to come in contact, creating a massive explosion that created a new Plane of existence: The Abyss. Everyone caught in the immediate blast was warped into undead creatures of living darkness known as Shades. Those just outside the explosion were warped into mindless beings that feed on blood, but must remain in the area that became known as the Lifeless Swamp (Though technically it’s a Bog).

Age of Recovery: The attempt to rise again as man once did, once the Age of Cataclysm and its immediate effects was loss in nothing but tales.

Age of Darkness: Rogue Mages combine to use Hemomancy, Necromancy, and Daemonomancy in order to open a portal to the Abyss to try to enslave the Shades, only to be overrun, and the entire planet enslaved.

Age of Light: A woman (named Aria) rose up with the ability to wield divine light (only before or since), having teamed up with the only Dragon that could breathe holy flames of light (Actually one and the same person, intelligent dragons can take human forms). They went around the planet of Rhakmesh to free everyone from the enslavement of the Shades, destroying them and their leader: A Dragon made of pure darkness. As a result, the Followers of Aria (religious group based on judeo-christian concepts) formed, where they became the policing force of Mages. On their own continent (Ichvilad) they imprison mages so that they undergo a ritual to burn the magic from their souls (leaving actual burn marks on their wrists, chest, and back of the neck) - - on the other continents they do not have the authority, so they instead watch out for Outcasters (Bad mages). Aria moved to Vindarkis where she became the first Arch Magus (Imperial Ruler of the Vindarkis Empire, ruling over the 13 kingdoms of Vindarkis). Vindarkis is the only safe haven for mages.

Where the game takes place Age of Death - The spread of a magically created Pandemic erupts on the Mage continent of Vindarkis.

The only other age that I’ve written to is the Age of Tyranny, but no spoilers!

So recently I started redoing (Not completely) a lot of the assets I’ve obtained since December, such as the MMO Starter Kit that I’ve obtained so I have the fundamentals of the JQuery which I know nothing of. It has its own modular equipment system, weapon equipment system, and inventory system, but I decided to purchase the inventory/weapon equip/spell-casting system from the marketplace, and I’m currently in the process of merging all of them in a manner which works for me, since I want spawned characters to already have their own inventory when they spawn as opposed to randomly generated loot upon death (Since they will have equipped the items they wear, so if you come across a wraith wielding a Steel Claymore that fancies you, you can loot it if you kill it - - much like the single player Elder Scrolls). I’m extremely proficient at finding patterns (thank you autism), and I learn best by digging right in. I’m currently making this post because I’m where I feel comfortable currently. The models I’m currently using are Mixamo’s Fuse models, I’ve even taken apart and redone a lot of their armors from Fuse to create a bunch of sets, and I’ll be making future sets by taking the models in fuse, exporting them as .obj so that I can have the exported materials from the models. I’ve yet to dive into Behavior Trees and A.I. - - but that’s because the tutorial that everyone is ready to hand out (5+ episodes on AI on youtube?) - - I do not like because the guy doesn’t start from scratch, which annoys me. But I plan on having really challenging AI (Charging up a fireball? Cool story bro, I’ll try to dodge when I think you are about to fire it based on past behaviors).

I plan on having a spell system that is unique built upon what I have from the marketplace. It’ll be built around how I think magic work: You have a mana pool, but you can also channel mana. There will be instant-casting, uses more energy but great for a pinch and pulls from the mana pool. There will also be a mana-channeling system, so say you can channel 4 mana per second into a fireball. The final amount of mana poured into the fireball will decide its damage, and it also pulls from the mana pool. Also planning on having a fixed amount of skill points that can be obtained for learning. I want to make a system where you put the points wherever you want. You can be a Jack of all trades, or a Master of 1-3 (Yet to decide), in terms of Combat. I love freedom, but realistically let’s say there are 3 soldiers. One Soldier trains with a Claymore every day. Another trains with a Bow every day. The third mixes both claymore and bow training. He is more diverse than the other two, giving him that as an advantage, but his swordsmanship compared to soldier 1 is inferior, and his bowmanship compared to soldier 2 is also inferior. This is how I think it should be.

I know this all sounds like a hell of a lot of work, but I think I could have a Demo game with a single map in a month from today. I have a lot of system in place, so excuse me for a few minutes while I submit this and get screenshots loaded and just take a break. I’ll post more, including what I have working, what I had working but am redoing, and what I plan to do in order to release a demo. Until then, here is the map of my world to oggle at:

This is my original map of the world - - since working on this I’ve decided to turn Vindarkis into 13 islands, instead of a weird mix of the Americas with an island in the middle. This way I could work on just 1 island at a time, and release them over the years. It also erased the complication of trying to get the land to blend naturally, and instead each island could be a different biome.

Final note before submitting new thread: The reason I’m doing this is for 2 reasons:

  1. Try to put out positive thoughts to the universe and in my head, solidify the project and timeline commitment.
  2. Maybe find some support among all the real developers out there.

I apologize if I gave too much info, I really don’t know when to stop sometimes.

Genre: RPG

More-Detailed-Genre: Open-World Sandbox, Action/Adventure RPG with Survivor Elements

Playable Races: Humans, Daemons, Elves, Fae(?), Dragons, Minotaurs(?), Oktoru (Similar to Illithids, but neither evil nor mind-flayers; they are emotionless and logical - - the Vulcans of my world)

Player Growth: Skill-based (Similar to The Elder Scrolls, classes only exists as “presets”, if that makes sense?

Skills: 1H Blade, 2H Blade, 1H Mace, 2H Mace, 1H Blunt, 2H Blunt, Dual Wield, Shields, Spears, Polearms, Unarmed (Bare or Gauntlets), Mage Robes, Light Armor (Cloth & Leather), Medium Armor (consists of light metals and mail (chainmail, scalemail)), Heavy Armor (Heavy metals & Plates), Bows, Crossbows, Terramancy (Earth Magic, excluding plants), Aeromancy (Air Magic), Pyromancy (Fire Magic), Hydromancy (Water Magic), Cryomancy (Frost/Cold/Ice Magic), Electromancy (Electrical Magic), Toximancy (Poison Magic), Scotomancy (Darkness Magic), Photomancy (Light Magic), Hemomancy (Blood Magic), Daemonomancy (Demon Summoning/Imprisonment Magic), Necromancy (Death Magic).

Combat: Real-time, collision-based, charging magic, easy to get into, fast, and fun.

Gameplay: Lots, but the story will take place in an era where you don’t just have bandits and Outcasters (mages who use forbidden magic) to worry about, but demons, witches, monstrosities, plague, and of course other players. But you can find a nice spot somewhere and build yourself a home if you’d like. Or just run around causing havoc.

So I guess this is an attempt to make a Medieval/High Fantasy simulator. Do anything you want. Submitting now… otherwise I will never stop typing!

Is this going to be an MMO? I assumed so because you mention you purchased the MMO Starter Kit, but made no mention of multiplayer other than that anywhere else.

And are you doing everything? Programming, Modelling, Art, Animations etc…

Here is a link to the pictures of the equipment deterioration (Wouldn’t upload to the forum), and my to-do list:

Fixed Items
Breaking Items

Finished systems:
Dynamic Lighting (Depth Fields)
Day/Night Cycle
Collision-Based Combat (fists only)
Basic movement
Basic Enemy
Equipment deterioration
Basic Inverse Kenimatics

Systems being reworked:
Weapon Combat
Basic Magic System

Final Requisites for Demo Release:
Combat sounds
Footstep sounds
ambient sounds
build server and upload it

It’s going to be a multiplayer experience, but I don’t want to categorize it as an MMO (especially because it so happens to be an RPG). I suppose it will be, but along the same lines of H1Z1, so I’d use the term loosely? I’m programming, but art, animations, modeling have all been through third-party entities, such as Mixamo. I’ve poured money into this.

Alright, just curious because I’m also a one man team. Having to learn everything can be exhausting! I’m likely going to spend the next month just on animations…

You also didn’t mention the “art style” you’re going for, but judging from those sword pics, you’re going for realistic PBR type graphics? They look great

Thanks! I’m most definitely going for a very realistic art style. My top favorite experience in gaming was playing The Elder Scrolls Morrowind & Oblivion - - entering any sort of cave or dungeon or ruins where it was dark, and all sorts of frightening traps and creatures awaited for me.