Action-Mapping on same key with different modifiers

When I create an action mapping with “Enter” and one with “Shift + Enter”, only the first action mapping will ever be fired, as the input system doesn’t seem to check for modifier keys, which can make input remapping for user’s often pretty hard. Is there a way to fix that problem?

Hello sorry if this is coming late. A work around to this would be to make SHIFT and ENTER pass valuse to different variables then check if one or both are active

EXAMPLE: if( shift_pressed == true & enter_key_pressed == true ) { do stuff }

thats just the basic logic for the blueprint or c++. Hope this helps.

That wouldn’t really solve the problem. As I said I use action mappings and those are bound to different input components with UInputComponent::BindAction. The player can then remap those actions in the input settings of the game. It is no solution when you have to manually check for all combinations of key modifiers in the callback functions of the input action bindings.