Action mapings don't work when there are few pressed at a time.

Hi! I’m making a 2d game with isometric view. I have a problem with walking. Well it’s working. I’ve made it react to multiclicks for example when u hold D and then start holding A character is going left and when u stop holding A he is going right again. I have a problem with pressing 3 buttons at once. When I hold W and S/S and W I can’t move left or right, when I hold A/D and W/S I cant move Up/Down. I checked it with print strings and it seem like action mappings dont send any output. Idk have no idea why it’s happening.
Inside macros there is just moving and switching flipbooks, but I don’t think it matters cuz the input doesn’t eaven go there.

Are you sure that your keyboard is capable of handling three or more simultaneous button presses?
If you are on a notebook or something, it might be your keyboard.

Nah. When I hold A and D I can nove Up/Down.