Action jRPG Template

Highly customizable blueprint template to create great quality action jRPG games with almost no coding.

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  • 100% Blueprints
  • Explore / Battle on same map
  • Control different units anytime
  • Melee, range & magic combat
  • Melee hit detection & projectiles
  • Dodge and miss logic
  • Targeting system
  • Generic AI that can use skills
  • Battle transitions
  • Battle boundaries effect
  • Equipment system
  • Different mesh depending on equipment
  • Combo system
  • Different attack animations based on weapon
  • Quest system
  • Crafting system
  • Stats and leveling system
  • Supportive & offensive skills
  • Target & area skills
  • Usable items
  • Boss fights
  • Save / Load feature
  • Interactables
  • Item buy / sell vendor
  • Console support
  • Fully functional UI
  • Time Warp effect is included
  • Compatible with Conversation2D Plugin

Trailer Video:

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Looks Amazing. Please tell me this is multiplayer ready?

Multiplayer is not supported yet. But have plans to make it multiplayer in the future updates.

Added documentation:

The asset has been released!


The asset has been updated! New version changes:

  • Quest system

Added new menu button to show active and completed quests.

Added BP_HuntingQuestBase for quests related to killing specific unit,
BP_ItemQuestBase for collecting specific item,
BP_QuestBase for any other quests.

Added BP_QuestNPCBase base class for receiving and delivering quests.
Have a look at BP_QuestNPC to understand how to use this class.

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I would like to get this and make it usable in Virtual Reality. Any comments / warnings about doing that? Thanks

@wparkman Sorry for late reply. I guess you already bought it. I believe you need to be very experienced to make it work with VR. Explore mode might be easy but I don’t know how the battle mode and the whole UI system will work in VR.

The asset has been updated! New version changes:

  • Crafting system

Added BP_CraftItemBase blueprint to create an item based on chance when player has enough materials in inventory.

Added new interactable called BP_ForgeBase for player to interact and craft items.

Documentation has been updated:

  • Check Craft Item section for more information about crafting feature
  • Added steps needed to run sample project

The asset has been updated! New version changes:

  • Dynamic Input
  • Off level battle
  • Enemy pawns in explore mode

Removed all the hard coded inputs and added them to Project Settings -> Inputs. (Documentation Section 4.7)

Added BP_UIBase widget to be the base class for widgets that requires player input. (Documentation Section 3.20)

Added BP_OffLevelBattle which is a new battle that can be used in a battle level. (Documentation Section 4.1)

Added an option for the battles to start in a different level. Check Battle Level in the template project. (Documentation Section 4.1.1)

Added passive and aggressive enemy explore pawns. Passive enemies walk around and starts the battle when player interacts. Aggressive enemies chase the player if the player is in range and starts the battle automatically when they are close to the player. (Documentation Section 3.13)

Small improvements like:

  • Enemy spawn data changes

Removed the enemy spawn data from Enemy Spawn Location and added to the battle itself and to enemy explore pawns.
Therefore, You will need to re-set enemies for the battles after this update.