Action Event pressed then game paused causes action event to break

If you have an action event such as shooting a weapon, where the weapon logic has a timer node in it that when the action event button is released it disables that timer, and then you pause the game it doesnt register when unpaused that you have let go of the button and it will continue to execute the “Pressed” path.

So if you press the button, pause the game while pressing the button, then unpause while the button has been released, the Pressed path with continue to execute until you press the button again.

Hello Shirk,

This is due to the input not being enabled to be executed while paused, so it cannot register the fact that the key has been released if it happens when paused. If you select the input node in your blueprint and look at the Details Panel, you can enable the Execute when Paused option. When this is enabled, it should be able to register that you have released the input when you do it while paused.

Have a nice day!