Action Alien

Hello, since the legacy forum of unreal script programming and its knowledge has been so much helpful for me in the past, I felt the need to show here the game I have been working on so far. It is an action fps with aliens and unlockable perks !

What it does feature :

  • 3 large open world maps set in different places and guided by story lines.
  • 2 survival maps with the goal of resisting against aliens for as long as possible.
  • 8 weapons ranging from the revolver, the tommy gun to the grenade launcher with each one having 2 levels of upgrade increasing their efficiency.
  • 3 species of aliens requiring different tactics and weapons to defeat them.
  • Fully destructible environments as much by the player as by the aliens.
  • Perk system using credits points earned during playing to increase health, speed, jumps, melee kicks, etc...
  • 19 achievements to unlock.
  • Support of Steam trading cards.
  • Support of Steam cloud to keep all progress available on any computer.
  • Many customisable settings and tweaks.

the home page for more screenshots and descriptions :
steam store page :

thanks for reading and don’t hesitate to tell me what you think !

woohoo eat dirt Serious Sam :stuck_out_tongue: Congrats on Steam!

I’m surprised to see this here(as it came some time ago)but yeah!Its a nice game and when i first saw it it did gave me that original serios sam the first encounter feeling.

Exciting combat is interesting. It’s good work.

Nice work.