Action-adventure game looking for level scripter/designer and an animator.

What is empathy?
An atmospheric action-adventure game with focus on visual storytelling. Our inspiration is from such games as Journey, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and Dear Esther, which we are all huge fans off but felt there’s a shortage of games in that genre. Which is why we are now creating a world that challenges the player to explore it, all while telling its story through visual storytelling with added challenging puzzles and adventure elements, not just exploration.

You play as a child stuck in a world made of thoughts and emotions, on a quest to restore its emotional balance. You do that by jumping through different people’s memories of the world, experiencing it from their perspective, listening to their thoughts and experiencing their emotions. It allows us to create engaging and immersive visual storytelling through the game where you will be visiting various visions of the past of the humans who inhabited the world, trying to piece it all together again.

Who are we looking for?
We are already deep into the production with an established team, but as we are expanding gameplay we’ve decided to increase our dev-team in order to increase our effectivity and polish of the game.

Level scripter/designer:
Now that all core features are developed and we are continuously developing the 3D assets we are looking to strengthen our team with a level scripter who also has strong interest for level design. You will be responsible for scripting gameplay and also minor level design given you have interest for it. Although most work will be done in blueprints understanding basic programming is a plus. We already have assets ready and waiting for you, and want to find a person who likes to play around and add their own touch to the world. You love finding easter eggs in games? take initiative and add your own here!

  • You are experienced with blueprints and know technical kinks of UE4.
  • You have good technical competence and can understand basic programming.
  • You are creative and can improve and add your touch to the world, not only follow the instructions.
  • You have interest and experience in basic game design.

We are looking for an animator that want to further develop their skills and appreciates having a wide range of creative situations to portray.

  • You have intermediate animation skills to make basic body animations without too much focus on facial/small details.
  • While you will not be required to do any rigging or skinning, it’s good that you are familiar with the entire pipeline to be able to adjust existing rigs or create own if really necessary.
  • You have interest and some experience in game design & storytelling

Who are we?
We are Pixel Night, a Swedish-based company of passionate developers, from designers to programmers, with an established product already in production, and a promising outlook as we are also backed by a publisher for the release. We welcome your creativity and ideas, even expect it, as we want everyone to be able to grow as a professional during this project and be able to implement their ideas. We’re a small but friendly team who all help each other out, and we hope you too will join us and be active. The compensation for all of us working on this project are royalties after game’s release.

If interested, drop us a line at, tell us about yourself and what kind of stuff you’ve done before!

Teaser video of the first level:

Concept art/screenshots:

Still looking! :slight_smile:

Still looking for artists!

bump, still looking for people! :slight_smile:

Original positions of 3D artists filled, we are now looking for an additional animator and a level scripter/designer to speed our production up! Get in touch through the email in the OP :slight_smile:

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Still looking!

Bump, still looking for animator.

To clarify, you’re only looking for animators at this point?

We have animators as well as designers(environment and props with materials), so can you please tell me that you need only animators or designers also.

Are you still looking for a level scripter and possibly a UI designer/programmer?