Action Adventure Development based on Character Interaction from Marketplace

Hello everyone,

Looking for an individual or a studio to help (PAID) further develop the “Character Interaction System” seen here on the marketplace into a shippable product:

In particular I am looking to implement the following features spread among the following categories:

^ Framework:

  • Full Controller Support (PS4 Dual Shock and Xbox One Controller)
  • Intro video, Main Menu, Options Menu (Graphics-Audio-Controls with Keyboard rebinding-Game menu)
  • Platform dependent Icons (To be shown on all menu screens and in-game when a user prompt is needed)
  • Platform dependent Trophies (Steam/PS4/Xbox One)
  • Platform dependent Saving System with checkpoints
  • Item Icons (a weapon on the ground for example will have a 2D line coming out of it ending in an icon, when you are near the weapon the icon turns into the button you need to press on your controller)
  • Localization System (Support English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic)

^ Gameplay:

  • First Person/Third Person Switching during gameplay (This is currently implemented in the pack but has to be changed before starting the game, I need the switch to happen in-game)
  • Explosive Barrels that affect surrounding rigidbodies and affect nearby enemies or the player.
  • Death Handling (Desaturate screen as you get to 0, Blood Splatter overlay as you get hit, Ragdoll when dying, Restart from last checkpoint)
  • IK (Foot grounding, Head look-at toward camera north when camera is not facing the player, Environment Touching with hand)

^ Improvements:

  • Pressing 1 equips the pistol, pressing 1 again holsters it. Same for the second weapon. Pressing the other button switches.
  • Surface dependent Foot Particles
  • Sand foot prints
  • Surface dependent Foot SFX
  • Effort SFX tied to certain animations (Effort upon jumping for example)
  • Right click when unarmed enters observe mode (Aim mode without a gun and a zoom over the shoulder)
  • Walking while aiming and crouching (Currently if you are aiming and standing you can walk in all directions, but once you crouch you can no longer do that)

Future additions that we will ask for will include additional Player abilities (Climbing, Cover System, Hand to Hand Fighting, Swimming, etc …)

If you are interested please send me an email on with time and cost estimates and ideally some of your previous work/portfolio.

Also, just to be clear, are you planning in putting the updated version back on the Marketplace?

You can email me at:

No, we don’t own the original pack. We are just interested in developing it to be used in our own projects.

Ok good to know- thanks for the clarification :slight_smile: