Acsessed none

When I try to run my program it says

Blueprint Runtime Error: Accessed None trying to read property Player from function: ‘GetText_0’ from node: Return Node in graph: GetText_0 in object: HealthAndStamininaandHotbar with description: Accessed None trying to read property Player

I probably made a noob mistake, but could you explain whats going on?

alt text

If we could see the Widget BP graph and the GetText_0 Function Graph for what i’m guessing is your Player HUD Widget. I believe that is saying that the ‘Player’ property or variable isn’t readable, probably because a cast has failed or you haven’t casted to (again i’m just guessing here) your player character.


Your input object node (Player) was not available/wasn’t referenced/was null/was deleted at the time the “GetText_0” function was called. The location of this error was the “return node” in the “GetText_0” function in your HealthAndStaminaAndHotbar widget

You can prevent this error by doing an IsValid check on anything that might not exist before trying to use it.