Achieving fishing pole physics in Unreal Engine? [as in Unity3d]


I just recently moved to Unreal Engine and I want to achieve the same physics simulation as I did on Unity3d as seen on the picture above.
The pole parts are constructed from the cylinder meshes linked by Configurable joints with Angular Limit spring set to Infinity and the weight of the cylinder gets progressively lighter towards the tip. The fishing lines were also constructed in a similar manner.
This fishing pole will bend according the heaviness of the object attached at the end of the fishing line. I can control how much the pole will bend by adjusting ether 1) the angular limit X spring of each joing or 2) weight of the object dangling at the end of the fishing line.

Since I’ve read somewhere that both unity and UE uses PhysX, I tried to construct a scene in a similar manner and play around with the Twist limit stiffness but found no success.

Am I doing something wrong or it is not possible to do so in UE?


It’s possible

I just set all the limit angle to 0 and adjust the Stiffness.

Thank go 3dgo for posting your answer!

But I still have more questions. I tried to follow your answers to simulate the physics. It can be hooked up with objects just fine!
However, the resulting behaviour is not what you expect from a fishing rod. In normal conditions, the rod won’t bend by it’s own weight, as it bends only when it hooks with something. However, with your method, the rod bends regardless of the weight distribution/stiffness settings.
Do you know how can I fix this behavior?

Hi kalanyuz.
I have played with this for a while, this is what i came up.

First you need to rotate the constraint so that the red(X) axis points to the direction of the chain. (if not then your swing may become twist etc…)


Then make sure you find the right axis, Swing 1 or Swing 2. Unreal can help you visualize that.


Then you can adjust the Stiffness of that axis.
You can also decrease the mass of the stick.


This is my setup, you can copy this umap in any of your project and open it.


I’m trying to do the same thing but with a branch of a tree. May it be possible to upload your map again for download ? That would be great :slight_smile: