Achievepedia - An Unreal Engine Achievement, Notes And Encyclopedia Tool

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Hello everyone,

Today we announce our newest pack!
Name: Achievepedia

The Encyclopedia system is a system that is very easily integrated into any project imaginable with very easy to setup unlocks for every achievement/note or information you need.

The system is setup in 5 different parts;
Achievements, Locations, Characters, Objects and Notes.

However the system allows for very easy name changes, extremely easy to add new achievements or information or notes. This system is installed and operational within 5 minutes without having to know any coding knowledge!


Another great addition from you pandas to my depot :slight_smile: VERY easy to integrate, lots of possibilities - this is just great ! 6 out of 5 stars :stuck_out_tongue:

This must be one of the easiest and cleanest integrations I have ever had to do. This does exactly what it says on the box and is so flexible that I am using it in my Interactive Training Simulator for one of my customers. Thanks and keep up the good work, your packs are definitely always first on my list now.
List of features made so far;**

  • Achievements
  • Locations
  • Objects
  • Characters
  • Notes
  • Different sound per type
  • custom name colors per unlock
  • custom button/bg color per unlock
  • Easy to add and change information per type
  • Pre-made character settings -> Name, age, guild, location, gender, status, occupation, race and description
  • Pre-made location settings -> Image, description, small image, small description
  • Pre-made notes settings -> Note name, sender, destination, found note at, image and note context
  • Pre-made object settings -> Name, Origin, type, value, rarity, image and description
  • Pre-made achievement settings -> Name, color, bg color, small image
  • Hidden achievements(only know what the achievement is until unlocked)
  • Option to notify user of unlock or not
  • Option to set preferred length of notify per unlock
  • Time when unlocked achievement
  • Progress of achievements
  • Progress bars in the achievements umg
  • x out of x unlocked

List of features to come;

Suggestions are open

Any suggestions yourself? Let us know in the thread!

In-pack voice acting by Pierre Poztman, soundcloud here!

Check out the preview here:

Setup tutorial:
Images of our pack