Achieved moving folder (big big big ones) inside Unreal

A couple of days ago hur superiors, even hearing that Unreal was not specially friendly when moving folders, insisted on us to change the current content of the project for a custom one.

Our main problem was that the project uses a lot of marketplace content, so a lot of aspects of the game currently belongs to very different stuff, everyone organizes its stuff in it very own way.

So… even though we show them the reasons why it should not be done, they insisted. So we started this journey without really knowing if we could make it. I mean, if you can “move” folders, why would it be so impossible?

Well, after a couple of days of failing and corrupting the project, we hit the key! It is moving folder by specific content. First, you move your textures. Wait for it to happen and then fix the redirectors in the orginal folder. Then, you move the materials, fix, proceed. Next, Blueprints… or whatever is up in the reference view folder. It is a long procedure, but it works! We have a tree package that were losing its materials on the leaves’ part, and then everything is working just fine in their new and confortable directory.

Why do I write it here in “Feedback for Epic”? We did not find much information about this issue and our solution was not discussed in the places we could get on Google. It might be good to add it to the info or even fix the redirector so they work with the deeper reference and fix it before the outer one.

If you fix first texture and material related stuff before fixing meshes, it works. BUT if you fix meshes before materials, everything break. Maybe change the algorithim to achieve this?

I would love to hear your thoughs and hope this is usefull to someone who’s trying to achieve this.


Interesting read, cheers! … Linking to this other thread…

I’d report this as a bug on AnswerHub - it’s more likely to get attention of support guys there :slight_smile: