ACharacter resize UCapsuleComponent at runtime

Hey there…
So I expanded ACharacter and i’m calling my own setup function on BeginPlay() after the super. The setup function is also called at arbitrary times.

In the setup function I want to update the capsule component. I do this via GetCapsuleComponent()->SetCapsuleSize(MyRad, MyHalfheight, false);

then on the CharacterMovementComponent i set the CrouchedHalfHeight = MyHalfheight*.5f;

That initialy works fine until i actually crouch and then unCrouch. The unCrouch resets the Capsule to it’s default values with wich it got constructed.

Do i need to tell the CharacterMovement about it somehow? (I can’t find any Indicator in the Character.cpp that i have to; it apparently pulls directly from the capsuleComponent)
What am i missing?