ACharacter, PlayerInputComponent, and PlayerController

I’m just working through the example project setup here:

This says to use an ACharacter C++ class, and handle inputs with a Player Input Component. Where does PlayerController come into it? Is it a choice of either/or? I was under the impression PlayerController would handle player inputs…

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

That depends. In single “pawn” game, I’d prefer to process inputs in PlayerController. But now I am considering.

Actually, as a player, depending on game you are making, you can possess different Pawns. Sort of - posess character to walk around, possess car - to drive around. In that case it is better to process player inputs in Pawm, because you will have automatic input scheme switch.

What PlayerController should do - is handle some generic input - like menues etc. but i’d prefer to handle them in HUD if that is possible.

Thanks Yata. I didn’t realise you could double-up like that.