Acessing global variable

I am trying to get a public variable from another script, but the variable requires a parameter I am unfamiliar with. What do I do?

You can see here the error node has a blue input, but no blue nodes feed into it.

This is the variable definition script.

It’s not “Global” variable. It’s just Public. Variable owned by blueprint class.

So to make it work you need to query an instance of PuzzleLevel1TriggerBehavior. Now You’re using “self” which is equal to Level1DoorOpen, and door have no such variable.

There’s a Blueprint Communication example in ContentExamples (Available in Launcher’s Learn tab).

Looking at your blueprints, your ActivateLvlDoor bool variable is in your PuzzleLevelTriggerBox actor and you are trying to use the bool variable in your Level1DoorOpen actor. Level1DoorOpen actor already has an instance of the PuzzleLevelTriggerBox so click and drag the PuzzleLevelTriggerBox variable that’s in Level1DoorOpen onto the event graph and GET it and connect the pin to the boolean value that you are trying to use.

The variable was an attempt to plug the name in. How do I get an actor instace?