Acer predator been repaired

I wish to ask something, i had the UE4 Launcher and the Game engine and twin motion on my Drive, and that drive was failing and i had to box it up to send to acer to have the Hardrive replaced, and all what i had on that Hardrive couldn’t be recovered because the Hardrive D become corrupt, i would like to know can i re install the UE4 Launcher and the UE4.23 back on the new 1TB Hardrive and as i lost what i had will everything i purchased still come back?

Yes, your purchases are tied to your account not your hard drive. So when you reinstall the launcher they will all still be listed in the library section. However, you will have to redownload them as you implement them.

Well now my laptop had be sent to Acer to replacing my 1TB HDD, up to 10 working days, i am hoping for my safe Laptop travel from Acer to my how hoping any speed humps and pot holes does not put D drive out of wack again.