Accurate Timer

I try to predict one objects movement in time.

Is it possible to set up any timer- or delay-function in UE4 that runs or waits for exactly 1 second? I tried timeline, delay, tick - I can’t manage to run whatever funciton for exactly 1 second or for any repeatable time at all.

Help :slight_smile:

Whoever move this to Blueprint…this is neither BP nor C++ specific - I’ll go with whatever is possible. Would be nice if someone could move this back to general.

Would a timer set to 1000th of a second, with a function that increments a float not do the trick?

That actually did the trick - this is so sooo sooooo embarrassing…
I’ve no idea how I got so much lost in time, really thought I’ve tested that.

I guess I have to impose my self once again to write 100 times: “You’ll never ever touch the event tick again”.

Cheers Mate! You made my day!