Accurate Foot Planting

I want to have it to where if a leg touches an object, it doesnt just sit on it, I want it to angle the joint to the angle of the surface they are on. I am new to UE4 so if you could be as simple as possible that would be nice.

Your question is a bit vague papertiger67 but I assume you are talking about the players collision with actual geometry. Currently in all the default templates the player collision is represented by a capsule component for simplicity in calculating the collisions. If you want the player to look like they are actually walking on a surface you will need to calculate more complicated collisions I would imagine. I’m not sure how to do this, maybe someone else can chime in.
This is what you are referring to right?


Yes thank you! I want it to angle to the object they are walking on so centipedes and stuff can accurately crawl over the rock and players can accurately move.

check this:

and the content examples Animation section.

Have you seen this:

I took a look at the Ikenma, and as cool as that is I cant afford $20 a month for a plugin…