AccountId is required Github Connect

Hi everyone,

I try to connect my github account to my epicgames account, I follow the documentation, and I have this issue :


Do you know what’s happend ?

Thanks for all

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It’s a problem with brave browser, with chrome this linked whitout problem

I am experiencing the same issue across Chrome, Opera and Microsoft Edge. Is anyone able to help?

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Hey i have the same issue did you find a solution?

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so im guessing no ones found a solution to this?

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I tried Chrome, Edge, and Firefox (all on Windows). No success, same error.

I tried it with disabled security settings, but no luck.

Got it to work, but strangely only in Safari on iOS.

I’m also experiencing this issue. I’ve tried it on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. I’ve tried it with a new Epic account, a new Github account, with and without a VPN, and most permutations of all of them. Every time, I get this error. Does anyone know a solution yet? I just want to access the source.