Account Support

While checking my email I noticed one from Epic. The email is about a password change I did not make and says ‘If you did not make this request, please contact us immediately.’. I responded to the email linked in the ‘contact us’ . The almost immediate reply said,

Thank you for your email. This email address is not monitored. For support, please visit

Following the takes me to a page with links to,

Epic Account Support

Useless, no contact information.

Epic Laumcher




Unreal Engine


Infinity Blade


Epic Marketplace

Not directly relevant it does contain a contact.

Battle Breaker


Unreal Tournament


Shadow complex


The only link I can find for a contact is in the Unreal Marketplace link. So I use it to request a contact address.

Thinking I had missed something I did a google search for Epic contacts. I get a link to a Fortnite support ticket system and again request a contact. I also found hidden in a reddit post a billing(at) The only response I have received from all of these is,

We’ve received your message and will be with you shortly.

Thank you for submitting your request. We have received your request and are working on responding to you as soon as possible. If you have any additional information to add to this case, please reply to this email.

How do I contact someone regarding this

Be very careful in answering emails, specially related with requests you didn’t make.
If you still had access to your account, you should have ignored the email altogether.

This is not about the account this is about the $$$$$.

@alamonelf, Try emailing:

accounts (at)

with all of your contact info, and a full description of what is happening. They should be able to help you further from there.

Also please read this security bulletin released by Epic:…urity-bulletin

EDIT: Well that sucks!! Apparently even my email is compromised… grrrr

Try using the “pwnd” site to see if your email has been sold off to hackers (like mine…)