Account Locked

Account Locked.

Hi Juha!

Your Epic Games account has been locked due to multiple invalid login attempts. Please wait 120 minutes before trying to access your account.

Feel free to contact us if you need help.

Kind Regards,
Your Friends at Epic

Hey, I’ve gotten this message twice now and I haven’t tried to login to my account at all in the past month or so. Maybe once, but I haven’t had any problems with my password. Something I can do about this?

hi, this might help ya:

& obviously I can’t seem to post 2 links in same post: :eek:

same. it seems someone is getting peoples email address somehow and trying to crack our passwords. first secure your email address by changing password. then change your account setting to send you a code to login. you will see it in there. it seems this is happening to a lot of people I know aswell. can any epic staff give us some input why this is happening and if you guys are doing anything to track why or how they are doing this? @Amanda.Bott