account locked?

hello i have received an email saying that my account was locked and the reason of this is because the many attempts to login.

i think this is something tricky, when i received the email about my locked acount i didn’t was in my home or work, this mean i was not using ue4.

i think there are people tracking the ones that have bought packages on the marketplace and they are trying to login into those account with some brute force script to gain access and download the bought packages or get the payment info stored in the marketplace (i saw another thread with locked account yesterday)

can someone from the epic staff look into this?

thanks in advance for all the help.

Same here. Been getting this for a couple days now.

I just received my first email stating the same thing - account locked out due to too many re-tries…Wasn’t me trying to login…

Fortunately, doesn’t look like they have got in and I have successfully changed my password and setup two-factor auth…

Question for the devs/mods - are we able to see the IP where this was tried form please? Would like to know who is trying to get into my account…

Yeah I also made a post about this. Just make sure you have 2 factor enabled and also relax some knowing they couldn’t even get past the initial password part. I use a different password here than I do any place else so this must be pretty well targeted.

I also removed any payment methods I had attached to my account when I started seeing people get hacked and charges being made. I suggest you do the same and wait until this is resolved before adding one again.

how have you added the 2 factor enabled to login? i was looking into it today, but didn’t found how to configure it.

Go to your username at the top right mouse over it and under “personal” find “password & security” in that section scroll to the bottom and it should be there.

In this case you should contact gmail hacked account department team who will give you exact guidance to recover such technical issues.