Account fraud epic not replying

Hi, I am posting here because I don’t know where else to post to actually get a reply. I have contacted epic support via their official channels at least 3times, including the fraud reporting form, and received no reply whatsoever.

Somebody accessed my account and removed money from the balance. They spent it on ‘V-bucks’ which presumably they’ll be able to cash out.

I think it’s pretty dreadful that fraud is treated as unimportant by epic. I want my account deleted since I absolutely do not trust them but they don’t seem to want to do anything about this.

This came about because I signed up with epic for the unreal engine technology some time ago + hadn’t used the technology yet. But there’s absolutely no way I’d use them going forward after this.

I really would prefer to have my account deleted now as the fraudsters keep on trying to access it and I get ‘too many failed attempts to login’ emails (I changed my password since the fraud.) But that apparently requires manual contact, for which they give no obvious means of contacting them to perform. Little bit scammy that.

Anyway, I expect this will get modded away, but seriously, think twice about trusting Epic with payment details or funds.

Still no reply, coming up to 3 weeks now… Amazing…

Or they reviewed your case and saw that the transactions came from the same IP address and assumed you were trying to scam them for a return or something…?

Not possible given the fraud didn’t occur from my IP address! Most likely it occurred due to some other website having awful password security measures and the password getting compromised (I now use a password manager but must have opened this account years ago before I use dthat.) All I want is for them to reverse the transactions and ideally investigate the accounts the vbucks were transferred to etc. as they are fraudsters…

The money isn’t so important as the insult of not replying…

Regardless they ought to contact me. This lack of accountability is dreadful. Ideally I’d just like my account deleted… but that seems equally impossible.

You’d think unreal would prefer not to have a reputation of effectively enabling fraud on their platform by ignoring reports and making it impossible to actually get anything done about it. If it was a more serious amount of money I’d seriously consider pursuing something through the small claims court here in the UK. Pretty sure this behaviour is actually not legal here…

If you haven’t already, be sure to enable 2FA on your account (I believe it’s required during sign-up now but not entirely sure). Generally speaking, people gain access to your account if you’re using the same password across multiple sites (I’ve been caught out by this once already, luckily I’ve since avoided it).

I’d highly recommend NOT storing payment information on your account too, I’ve removed as many of my details as possible.


Take this as a lesson! I only lost £20 or so but still :slight_smile: thankfully there’s no payment information attached (thank God) and they just took out of the balance I didn’t know I had but still.