Account cancelled?

Noticed that my account says it’s cancelled while checking into the problem. Everything works fine, but my account says it’s cancelled. Here’s the full message:


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Hi Gooner44,

It looks like that may be a glitch with the website. I was able to see that your account is still active according to our ssytem and it’s reporting that everything is running normally.

Is anything besides the account page behaving incorrectly? If not, then I will talk to the web team about what might have happened, otherwise there may be some more information we can get from the launcher or editor.

Hey Gooner,

I haven’t heard back from you in a while. Let me know if this is still occurring for you and I will be happy to continue the investigation. For now, I am marking this as answered for tracking. Posting a comment will reopen the post and let me know that you require further assistance.