Account by Russian Federation?

I received an email stating my account had been created!

I usually delete these emails but this one looked so good I had to double check the sender.

What? This is a legitimate email?

I do the stupid thing… Confirm account. I immediately reset the password and log in.

When I go to account settings, the name is set to asd dsa and the the country of origin is set to Russian Federation?

Can my account be deleted and email blacklisted to stop future attempts?

Well that’s not good…

Can you please confirm the account name, I’m not able to find any accounts with the name “asd dsa”. Did you change the account name to lrCvB1517?

Here’s some info on the hacking attempts (and successes unfortunately) being carried out by a group of Russian hackers, and what Epic is doing to combat it. There were large “dumps” of usernames (or email addresses) and passwords posted to some hacking forums a while back, if you use the same password for other sites, such as, the hackers are able to get in. I’m not entirely sure why they would create an account for you, they have been hacking into accounts and charging people’s credit cards or Paypal for Fortnite V-Bucks (in game currency), this is the first time I have heard of an account being created. Could you please post a screenshot (or a copy of the email text) of the email your received that includes the full email address so we can see if it is legit?

If you do use the same password for your email on any other site change those passwords AND your email password immediately to prevent more accounts being hacked!!! See the security bulletin I linked above for more details.

To delete your account please contact Epic Account Support by filling out this form. It says Fortnite, but it’s for UE4 support too, just select “PC/Mac” from the Fortnite Game Platform combo-box, select a random Game Mode, and then use “Accounts” option for Game Issue.

Make sure to include all relevant information, including a screenshot/copy of the email your received. I am not sure whether they can blacklist your email, but mention that in your post too.

Please note the support staff are very busy so it may take a few days to receive a response. They will reply back to you by email as soon as possible.


I just wanted to bump this thread and say a similar thing happened to me. I got an email saying my account was locked (I had no idea I had an account and the username was a bizarre string of numbers and letters). I reset the password through the official site and, as with the OP, the name was set to asd dsa located in the Russian Federation.

The official email suggests the account was locked (implying they failed to get in), but the changed personal information suggests otherwise. I’ve now secured the account and am updating my passwords across other sites.

Thank you for sharing the information above and I appreciate Epic’s efforts, but it seems some serious issue is going on.

Internet rule #1: Never use the email that asked you to reset your password, to reset your password.


Internet rule #2: Enable two-factor authentication.

Just adding this to the list, an old email address I don’t use anymore randomly got an account made with the name “Asd dsa” apparently 6 days ago. I only found out because this fake account had an unsuccessful login attempt and it pinged my inbox. Without clicking any links in that email, I went to the epic website manually and reset the password, the display name had been “Bcbtb1517” and it was indeed a valid account. I reset the password to a unique randomly generated one like I always use and enabled two factor. So now it would seem I have two accounts.

The concerning thing about all this isn’t that I had an account on an old email, that’s fine maybe I forgot about it (even if there’s evidence it’s a brand new one). No, the concerning thing is that in my spam box, I had an unopened verification email sitting there from that account 6 days ago. My gmail account showed no unusual activity or logins and it has two factor, so that with the unopened email makes me question how they’re verifying these accounts without needing email access. Has there been another breach I’m unaware of? Or could it be they made the account and just couldn’t do anything with it?

@Zero-Night This is so bizarre… I can’t figure out why they would be doing this. Only thing I can come up with is they are planning to use these accounts for something in Fortnite, either proxy accounts to hold stolen V-Bucks to keep the heat off themselves or they want to test out new cheats/hacks without needing to worry about being banned.

Whatever the reason is it can’t be good. Thank you guys for reporting this, I have forwarded it on to Epic.

Adding another to the list. I have never created an account here until a couple of days ago when an account was mysteriously created for me using an old Hotmail address (asking me to verify my email address). I ignored the first email thinking it was just spam, but then I got four more emails over three days saying attempts have been made to access the account. Just like the other users, the account says Asd Dsa as the name, with AKMYS1517 as the display. I have double checked my old Hotmail account, but there was no unusual activity (2-step verification is on). It’s really disconcerting to have someone just made an account using my email address…

I have the exact same issue.

I have never played Fortnite. When I got the “confirm me” email, it was from a previous day. I checked my access log on my email and made certain that nobody had accessed my email, then deleted it just in case they gained access.

Fast forward to now. Finally had a chance to check out Fortnite and discovered that my email had somehow been activated, despite that link never being clicked. I logged in, changed the info, and enabled Two Factor. Of course, I keep getting logged out of the system here, which makes me think they keep logging in. Same info as what you all are saying, username is a random string, and the personal info said their name was asd dsa.

I am not happy I hate fortnight and all the other games. My email was used for this ASD DSA person so I am messing with it and every time an attempt to log in is done I’m changing it to stupid passwords just for fun. I have already requested to have the account Deleted so I am waiting to see it it happens. If it doesn’t I am going to unleash the hold reign of fire up my sleeve. Be warned ASD DSA from Russian Federation you’re gonna regret messing with my email. By the way Epic Games even if you ever come up with a good game you lost a customer because I love video games. You need to reign in this hacking issue fast.

I’ve got the exact same issue, sitting here watching Netflix, get an alert from my spam email, it’s epicgames.
Now I’ve got an account, no idea how, but this is my spam email so maybe someone shared personal information and this happened.
Apparently I’m “OlzgC1517” first name “Asd” last name “Dsa” from the “Russian Federation”
Can anyone make an account with an email? Ususually don’t you have some kind of “Enter Email Here” and then “Please Enter The Code Sent To That Email So We Know You Are Who You Say You Are” thing?

I’ve also had my email linked to a profile by Asd Dsa from the Russian federation. I’ve sent an email to Epic alerting them of this problem previously and nothing has been done. I received another email today and have, yet again, alerted Epic of this fraudulent use of my email address. I’m seriously concerned about an organization that doesn’t take this kind of use seriously.

The same happened with my account. With the recent epic games annoucements I decided to try to make an account for my email. But this one that I’ve logged in as was already created for me. (I reset the password to get in).

Same first name/last name/Russian Federation as everyone else in this thread.

Seems odd to go ahead and use this account after I’ve changed the password, so I guess I will to make my epicgames account using an alternate email address? Assuming I don’t find another hacker account already in place for that…

My email is yahoo, FWIW.


I ignored the mails I received in the past about unsuccessful login attempts, because I knew that I hadn’t created an account. When I wanted to create one now, the site told me it already exists. After the password reset I also found the random and filler text on the account page. A thing like this makes me doubt whether I’d want to do anything that involves money with it. I also ask whether it shouldn’t have been deleted in a day or two without being confirmed.

My account was also created by this Asd Dsa person/bot. I was not sure if I had an account so I reset my password. When the email said “Hi Asd” I was really confused. The display name was ZmnEc1517 but I have changed it. I assume there is no way they could take back the account as they don’t have access to my email.