Accidentally reset GUID... help!

I accidentally reset my GUID which made my mod create a new thing in the workshop. Does anyone know how to make it go back to the old one?
My mod was submitted into the modding competition, so I really don’t want to put a link in that mod’s description to go to ANOTHER mod.

Locate file “Mods.db” in “X:\ARKDevKit\Projects\ShooterGame\Saved” and open it with Notepad+. Find the mod and replace the “ItemSeamId” with the correct one:

Thanks it worked!

Does Reset GUID do that?

I have been using that everything i uploaded to Steam and it always go to the right mod.

I don’t think GUID does that, resetting the publisher makes a new mod entry in the workshop from what I know.

You can even see there’s a separate GUID field in the mods.db file.


Thats what i thought exactly.