Accidentally hit F3 while testing a level and it dimmed my viewport. How do I reset it?

Hi, I’m new to UE4 and while testing a level, I hit F3 on my keyboard and it dimmed my viewport. While playing the level, I can hit F2 and it brightens the level but it returns to dim once I press ESC. How do I reset my viewport back to the default setting?

Am, I’m almost certain this has nothing to do with UE4.

Are you on a laptop? If you are then some laptops have screen brightness controls bound to function keys.

For example, F2 is a standard way of changing names under Windows so it’d have nothing to do with anything here.

I’m currently on a desktop. It could be windows related but it’s only effecting my viewport which is why I thought it may be unreal. The rest of the screen’s lighting is fine. I’ve attached a short clip demonstrating the different lighting from a default project versus the on I’m working on. UE4 Bad Lighting Error - YouTube