Accidentally deleted Character BP,Please Help

So I accidentally deleted my character bp, however I managed to restore the Bp file and its back in my content browser
But it won’t let me play as the Character BP ,whenever I hit play I just look at empty sky.

theres two ways i can think of to solve this. first in the editor look for the blueprint tab its near the top just above the viewport by default. when clicked a dropdown menu should open and you will see gamemode near the bottom of the list when you hover it will open a new dorpdown window and you should see pawn then new window select pawn class then just select what you want your player to be. See attached picture for better clarification.

The second method would be to drop your character into the world select it and look in the details panel for the pawn section. in the pawn section look for auto posses player and set it to player 0.

Thanks for the answer works fine now