Accidentally completely deleted the "basic cube" shape from UE4


I dont really know where to put this topic but this seemed to be the most fitting place.
I am relatively new to the Unreal Engine 4 and made a mistake the other day:
I wanted to delete a cube off my Project but instead I deleted the cube off the whole Game Engine. Now, every time I open the UE4 the message below appears and I cannot spawn a Cube anymore.
Is there any way, exept for reinstalling the Engine, to fix this? :frowning:

Do you still have an option for the cube in starter content?

We should really just procedurally generate these shapes.

For now, the cube exists in Engine/Content/BasicShapes/Cube.uasset where you installed the engine. A quick way would be to import an asset to that location and save as “Cube”.

I really appreciate the fact that a developer in person tries to help me, thats amazing!
Though I do not really understand what you meant with “import an asset to that location”.
Do I simply import the “Cube.uasset” into UE4 then export it? Sorry for the dumb questions, but I am still learning :slight_smile:

Via the content browser you could just import a cube to the engine content directory/basicshapes/ directory is what I meant. Actually I didnt realize there is a “verify” option on the engine in the launcher. Can you try running that? If that doesn’t work just download a previous version of the engine (i.e 4.12) copy the cube out of it and paste it into the Engine/Content/BasicShapes/ directory where you installed the version you are having trouble with.

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Thanks!! The verify optiion fixed it for me. :slight_smile:

Another option is to delete the Unreal Engine version you’re using, and then re-add it, from the Engine Launcher.
This will re-install all files, which includes that mesh.
The draw-back is that it takes longer to download the code again :slight_smile:

Whoa whoa dude! You just about took down the matrix! Close one. Thanks for fixing that. :slight_smile:

4 years later here i am after i made the same mistake i wonder what u accomplished in those 4 years?