Accessing web pages via Unreal

Hey, I have been looking on the docs and googling for a while, and perhaps I’m not seeing something that I’m supposed to be seeing, but is there any way to do web queries via UE4? I’ve got a MySQL database on a server with data that I want to retrieve from my game. How do I connect to my database? Is there some class for this sort of thing? In Unity, the class in question would be WWW: Unity - Scripting API: WWW

I’m not sure if there is a native solution, but take a look at BLUI. It might be what you need.

From what I’m seeing in the description, it’s more like ExternalCall/ExternalEval from the JS of the page, provided your game is actually on the page also. But that’s a start, I guess. Thanks for pointing me to this!

Update: Oh, so there’s no Mac OS support :frowning: