Accessing variable in character BP

I’m trying to access an array in my player’s CharacterBP 1 from another CharacterBP 2. The reference page on blueprint communication says I need to specify the instance I’m trying to access, but I’m not getting the section in the details panel to do so which the doc says I should find in the details panel. So I’m getting an ‘Accessed None’ error and it’s not working.
Is there a different procedure to properly expose a variable because it’s from within my player character?

Why not just make your second blueprint a child of your first, that way your CharacterBP 2 has all the same variables as BP1 from the start.

well that wouldnt work, because the other character is independant of the first one. i just needs access to some of the other’s info

Are these characters placed in the world in the editor, if so you could just make a variable for the other character you want to access and set it’s value. Then get it’s array from that variable.

If not these are player pawns, can you just use get player pawn?

that sounds about right, my followers are placed in the editor but they are supposed to follow my player pawn. how do I access an array stored in my player pawn?

Just use get player pawn, cast to your player blueprint, and you will be able to get and set the variables that are in your player blueprint.

ok, I don’t seem to doing it right, where am I going wrong? I have a squad of followers that are supposed to surround my player character (only one follower atm). The target positions for those I create in my player character BP and I want each follower to read their position from there. this is how i thought it should work: