Accessing variable from widget blueprint in actor blueprint

I’m trying to access variable from widget blueprint in blueprint actor and change color of text and text itself. It doesn’t update and when I check variable it says (Variable is not in scope)
I made sure that variable is public.

Is there some problem accessing variable from widget blueprint like that?


hello. check the screenshot for setup. don’t forget to tick the is variable option for the text block in the details panel.
hope this helps ? if you have any question feel free to ask.

I’m trying reproduce your settings but I can’t connect two nodes together and getting this :

hello. sorry for the late reply. did u create the text variable in your widget blueprint and did u compile and save it before trying to accessed it in the blueprint class. this method should work because i already tested it and its working fine.

Ye I did :confused: everything is exactly same as in your case. I’m trying to access it from blueprint actor was your same type?

I didn’t set the binding for TextBox :slight_smile: