Accessing the OpenGL context

We’re using UE4 for a research project where we have custom hardware consisting of 4 LCDs and 4 projectors that we need to synchronously render to. It would be much easier for our purposes if we could access the OpenGL Context directly, but I can’t find a way to do this. I’ve had a look at OpenGLDrv but that doesn’t provide access to the context and we need to bypass the RHI and just write standard OpenGL C++ code. Has anyone found a way around this?

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Sorry to bump this old thread, but have you solved this? I could really use this information, thank you!

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He can’t you would have to have vertex buffers and index buffers with containers and shader formats that pass values from one shader to the other, and there is the other handler besides the context window that works with the context window.

There is no way simply to use the context window by it’s self without other elements, the loop at the end would probally not understand what he is doing anyway, al those containers he made and shader formats, because it’s setup with the unreal engine and would not maybe accept his own container objects that he would have to compile with the opengl compiler that is maybe set also in a strange way.

How would you feed stuff to this window to handle input if it’s wired to unreal mechanism that does not accept things. So the context window depends on the loop at the very end and you would probally have to change the source of the engine to get things done.