Accessing structures in blueprints


Is it possible to change just a single value in a UE4 structure via blueprints? and does Break have any processing overhead, or does it just make the elements visible in the event graph (i.e. it just takes up graph real-estate, but is compiled out as a simple pointer to the variable in the structure) (sorry for asking, but I’m using a lot of structures in large frequently called loops).

Many thanks

I’d like read a single value from a Blueprint structure. My structure is quite large and so I’d prefer not having to break the whole thing just to gain access to a single value. Did you find an answer to your question?

Actually, I just found the answer to your question. Use the “Set members in” node. Click on it, and then in details, check which pins you want to expose as inputs to set.

It looks like similar functionality is available in the “Break” node. All pins are shown by default, but you can uncheck them all and just leave the one(s) you want exposed checked.

I only just spotted your post! Awesome, that’s gonna save me a load of time! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: