Accessing iOS frameworks and multiplayer mobil games

Hi, guys. I’m trying to figure out if Unreal is the engine for my next game. I’m building a mobile multiplayer game for iOS (only for iOS). I need to connect several devices together, but not using a server. The users have to be able to connect with each other even when there is no wi-fi available. Therefore, I have to use a system that finds the right path (Bluetooth or wi-fi) and connect the devices. iOS offers the MultipeerConnectivity framework that serves my purpose, but I don’t know if I will be able to access this framework from a game programmed with Unreal or if Unreal has a built-in functionality I can use.

Is it possible to access and use iOS frameworks?

Thanks for any info

It’s possible to use frameworks.

Check Build.cs file in Mobile Utils plugin: MobileUtils/MobileUtils.Build.cs at master · gameDNAstudio/MobileUtils · GitHub
You can add framework by creating archive and adding it to PublicAdditionalFrameworks.